Thursday, December 18, 2014

Saving "SAVING MR. BANKS" (from #Sexism and the Deification of Walt #Disney)

Sticky-note ink drawing by me.
What a sentimental, oversimplifying, disrespectful, sexist, and at times nonsensical, mess, Disney's "SAVING MR. BANKS" is.  I understand that, when telling a true story, said story needs to be simplified.  However, it was what was simplified and how it was propagandized that bothered me.  For starters, a wildly successful female author was distilled down to a caricature based on her nationality and gender.  What's more fun to laugh at than a stuck-up woman from Britain?  Not much, apparently, since that's where most of the laughs came from in this film.  But, I'll get into more of this in a bit.


What was Wrong with "SAVING MR. BANKS"

To start, the story structure was confusing as hell.  The flashbacks that served only the most superficial of functions to try to explain how Travers became such an eccentric, annoying person plagued the entire film. Meanwhile, a much better structure kept being suggested every time we saw the film refer to the audio recordings Travers demanded be made of their development meetings.

These should have been used as the structure--unless they prove she wasn't anywhere near as obnoxious as she is made to look in the film.  In which case, perhaps a more balanced portrayal of both Travers and Walt Disney would be in order.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

"GRAVITY" Falls Down, Can't Get Up

Pretty much the emotion felt for the whole of GRAVITY
(pencil sketch by me).
For a long time, I avoided seeing the film "GRAVITY."  Just about everyone said it was great and, usually when that happens, and I see the movie, it isn't great.  Plus, from the trailer, it seemed like it was a one Plot-Point-Movie.  I hate PPMs because I feel like the writers have made very little effort to construct an interesting story.  All they had to do was come up with one cool idea to strand a character somewhere or in some situation and then let what ever natural obstacles exist do their job.

There was a movie a few years ago about an attractive, white scuba diving couple who find themselves stranded at sea without a boat or so much as a piece of wood to float on.  I didn't see this movie either because I thought, short of flashbacks, how could this be anything but emotional-torture porn?  How boring and depressing to sit through something that can end in one of two ways.  They die or they don't.  The former being completely depressing and the latter being completely unrealistic.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Fixing "FROZEN." Yes the Disney Hit is Great but Could Have BeenGreater.

WARNING: Mild spoilers ahead! If you're one of the three people on Earth who have yet to see "FROZEN," please proceed with caution! I try to avoid mentioning major plot points, but we all define the word "spoiler" differently, so you've been warned!! By continuing to read this, you absolve me of all responsibility for possibly ruining the movie for you! That said, I don't think I will...

So, I really enjoyed the Disney's latest CG animated movie. It really resonated with me in a few ways that I suppose I should be embarrassed by--what with me being a male who is thoroughly into adulthood. However, there were some huge problems with that film. Three, to be exact--three missed opportunities with story, humor and music.

I'll start with the part that I am least qualified to criticize--the music.